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We are happy to invite you, once again, to an exciting literary journey with our 100 Slavic Novels series. Here is the passage from Alexei Slapovsky’s First Second Coming. Come along!

The novel First Second Coming by acclaimed Russian writer Alexei Slapovsky is an unusual narrative display, witty and exciting storytelling about the appearance of Christ in a small town in the interior of modern Russia. A chronicle of small people who witness a miracle but do not do very well in the role rescuers nor in the role of the ones being rescued. The theme of Slapovsky's novel builds on Dostoevsky's question about what we would do if Christ appeared among us today. The novel is a mixture of genres, from a fantasy tale, an adventure, erotic and detective novel to Menippean satire. It brings the tradition of miraculous journeys of Russian prose and a rich gallery of heroes, from a hypocrite to a crook and a false prophet.

One of the best Russian novels of the last decades was within the 100 Slavic Novel series translated into Macedonian, Serbian, and Slovenian. The book was translated by Drago Bajt (Slovenian), Natalija Nenezić (Serbian) and Pavel Popov (Macedonian).


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With Books around the Slavic World