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Judges for Živa Award 2020 Meet Online
Instead of meeting in Belgrade (Serbia) in person, our judges for Živa Award 2020 held their regular annual meeting online. They shared their experiences during the pandemic in their respective countries, reported on the responses of Živa Award candidates and adopted the decision to move the opening ceremony to autumn 2021.
A moment of your day #2
Sincere thank you for sharing the moments of your day with us. Because we want to stay connected, we share further insights from seven different Slavic and other countries.
Did you know?
Did you know that Polish writer and unique and independent fighter for equality of women Maria Konopnicka was very popular not only in Poland but also in other Slavic countries?
With Books around the Slavic World
We are happy to invite you, once again, to an exciting literary journey with our 100 Slavic Novels series. Here is the passage from Alexei Slapovsky’s First Second Coming. Come along!
Did you know?
Did you know that writer Jelena J. Dimitrijević was the first Serbian female globetrotter? Between 1926 and 1927, she embarked on her travel around the world all alone at the age of 65 and visited the Middle East, India, Ceylon, China, Japan, Hawaii, and once again the United States - she was in Hollywood and New York, as evidenced by a poem she wrote.
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