Women Writers Route


The International Foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures is the initiator and organizer of the new cultural route of the Council of Europe, dedicated to the European women writers. Women writers preempted gender quality, as we know it and respect today, set by Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by the European Convention on Human Rights and recently, by the PEN Charter and Women’s Manifesto.


The Women Writers Route will bring into the limelight the outstanding life stories and literary works, which marked the struggle for human and women's rights in the 20th century. Their uniqueness and role in the history and cultural heritage of the entire Slavic and European region was important, yet never truly recognized.


The Women Writers Route is an extremely narrative way of revealing their life and creativity. It links the symbolic and physical points of their lives and work between museums, memorial rooms, reading rooms, public monuments, cafes and other public spaces. In addition to the scientific and cultural field, the road will also enrich local communities and tourist attractions, creative industry, gastronomy and cultural tourism.


Why new cultural route?


Because the Women Writers Route will:

  • Open brand new pages of the European cultural and democratic history;
  • Enable and broaden rich scientific, cultural and tourist exploration of women's literature in the context of European history, identity and values;
  • Enhance visibility, significance, contribution and reputation of women writers to European culture and European history of human rights and democracy;
  • Offer inspirational presentations, dynamic stories and attractive cultural and tourist content;
  • Encourage constructive thought, initiate public debate and strengthen democratic practice
  • Include access to heritage that is far more experiential and active than a passive approach in creating experiences, training and socialization.


Let's broaden the professional, cultural and tourist exploration of the role of women's literature in the European history, identity and values!


Online training for the Women Writers’ Route
As part of the preparations for the official certification of the new European cultural route – the Women Writers’ Route – the Forum of Slavic Cultures attended the online training organised by the European Institute of Cultural Routes.
A Step Forward at the Women Writers Route
The FSC began the year with intensive preparations for the launch of a new cultural route – Women Writers Route. The President of the Programme Council of the Route, Ankica Puškarić, came to the FSC headquarters for a working meeting.
On the Women Writers' Route at the Academy of the European Institute of Cultural Routes
The Forum of Slavic Cultures took part at its second “academy” of the European Institute for Cultural Routes at the Council of Europe. The Forum presented the Women Writers' Route project that aims to shed light on the exceptional lives and literary stories of women writers who left their mark in the struggle for human rights and the rights of women in the early 20th century.
The Route of Women Writers at the 13th International Summer School of Museology
The 13th International Summer School of Museology took place under the auspices of the Forum of Slavic Cultures, Faculty of Humanities of the University of Primorska, ICOM Slovenia and Centre for Creativity of the Museum of Architecture and Design. It also served as a platform for the FSC to present the new cultural route.