Celebrating a wealth of flavourful traditions

The first world monograph presents, in one comprehensive volume, selected characteristic dishes of thirteen Slavic countries. Through the rich tradition of culinary cultural heritage with recipes for three selected dishes representing each country, this first joint presentation of Slavic culinary art in the world with exceptional photographs and short introductions to the gastronomy and culinary tradition of each country reflects the similarities and differences that distinguish the Slavic culinary identity and the identity of more than 300 million Slavs across the world.

Exhibition on Tour


  • Bled/Slovenia: Bled Festival Hall
  • Radlje ob Dravi/Slovenia​: Center of Slavic Cultures Radlje ob Dravi


  • Sarajevo/Bosnia and Herzegovina: Art Gallery of Bosnia and Hercegovina
  • Östersund/Sweden: Jamtli


  • Milan/Italy: Urban center (June), Enel point (October)