Emigration Museum in Gdynia, Poland: Jury justificiation


Housed in the renovated historical building of the Marine Station by the sea at the heart of the port, where some of the largest ocean liners are moored today, the new museum projects a vivid image of the time when passenger ships carried over the ocean hundreds of thousands of people leaving their homeland in search of a better life.

This creates a powerful first impression of the museum and introduces its multifaceted account of countless human fates, stories and unprecedented experiences. The museum delivers a narration in a comprehensive manner about the country’s emigrants, dispersed all over the world, shaping the public’s understanding of its national past and defining the nation’s cultural identity and consciousness. 

The museum seeks to present the nation’s history of migration of two hundred years through diverse exhibitions, research projects, multiple activities and the use of modern communication media. It sees its social and educational role in strengthening collective cultural identity and a sense of belonging to a nation.

The museum is creating special social value within the framework of a scientific research project about the country’s emigrants in diaspora through acquisition of oral stories and a collection of memories implying strong emotional bonds among community members, between the new and old generations.

At the same time, it follows closely the present situation in Europe characterised by today’ s mass migration flows that are transforming its cultural landscape by promoting the idea of respect, dialogue, and inclusiveness.