The Živa Sculpture


The author of the unique art sculpture is Ljubica Ratkajec Kočica, the Slovenian fine artist as well as glass and ceramic designer from Rogaška Slatina. Her works, which she successfully presented at individual and group exhibitions, were awarded with numerous national and international awards.

Her body of work is distinguished by innovativeness and exceptional sensitivity for the life of details in the overall form composition of art products. She devotes an important part of her creative process to the female form, which she displays with a stylized head and a simple silhouette, cleverly supplemented by individual symbols and artistic elements.

With her remarkable feeling Ljubica Ratkajec Kočica has brought the ceramic sculptures to outstanding creative achievements, where the solid structure of the ceramic forms passes over to the field of creating sculptures with a precise graphic treatment of the surface. Each of her unique masterpieces tells a story of its own and ensures a unique aesthetic experience.