Winners - Živa Award for the Best Slavic Museum


Živa Award 2019: State Museum of Political History from Russia

  Jury justification

Throughout hundred years since the Museum's inception and since the creation of its first historical collections, the Museum has faced many challenges. More...


Živa Award 2018: Emigration Museum in Gdynia

  Jury justificiation

Housed in the renovated historical building of the Marine Station by the sea at the heart of the port, where some of the largest ocean liners are moored today, the new museum projects a vivid image of the time when passenger ships carried over the ocean hundreds of thousands of people leaving their homeland in search of a better life. More...


Živa Award 2017: Slovenian Alpine Museum

     Jury justificiation

A captivating museum scenario, the closeness of the unspoilt beauty of natural Alpine wonders, and the museum organization is impressive. So is the well-conceived permanent exhibition that develops in eleven thematic units different exciting stories by combining authentic objects with highly interactive and playful content. More ...


Živa Award 2016: Cricoteka

     Jury justificiation

The jury unanimously recognized the special spirit and excellence of an interdisciplinary institution, of a new contemporary art and documentation centre with intriguing architecture where an archive, objects, theatre, art and contemporary culture are blended in an effective way. More...


Živa Award 2015: Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy from Yasnaya Polyana

     Jury justificiation

The jury cordially recognizes: “The museum contributes to the sustainable environmental development, tradition and the name of the extraordinary man by spinning together movable, unmovable, tangible and intangible heritage; nature, man and culture into a huge cultural landscape and a complex visitor experience. More...


Živa Award 2014: Matica Srpske Gallery from Novi Sad

     Jury justificiation

The judges praised: “The general atmosphere is excellent. They rely on team work and their mutual creative energy. Multimedia is on a high level. Publications and promotion materials meet high standards.” More...


Winner - Živa Award for the Best Slavic Heritage Site


Živa Award 2019: Brest Hero Fortress from Belarus


Jury justification

The entire site is a huge, major war memorial distinguished by architectural constructions, a powerful ensemble of fortifications and stunning concrete statues, commemorating thousands of lost lives and men’s bravery in fighting against wartime aggression and horrors, while defending their liberty, homeland, nation and national identity. More...


Živa Award 2018: Russian Kizhi Museum

   Jury justificiation

The Museum is one of the largest open air museums in the North of the Federal State. It is situated on an island of a vast lake of rare biodiversity and natural beauty and represents a unique heritage site with an impressive group of timber architectural monuments, of historical wooden village houses and ethnographic collections that have survived for centuries. More...

Special recognitions recipients


For the Creativity                                                                              For the Openness to Visitors

2019: Song Museum in Opole, Poland                                            2019: International Centre of Graphic Arts, Slovenia

2018: Museum of Contemporary Art, Croatia                                2018: Regional Museum of History - Shumen, Bulgaria

2017: Macura Museum, Serbia                                                         2017: Silesian Museum, Poland

2016: New generation museum, Czech republic                           2016: Strečno castle, Slovakia

2015: Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar, Croatia                             2015: Typhlological Museum, Croatia

2014: Museum of Contemporary Art of the                                   2014:  Rousse Regional Museum of History, Bulgaria

           Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina                                                


For the Leadership                                                                           For the best Use of Resources                                                                  

2019: Gallery of Matica Srpska, Serbia                                           2019: Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Czech Republic

2018: Viminacium Arcaheological Park, Serbia                             2018: Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy, Czech Republic

2017: State Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala, Belarus              2017: Glinka National Museum Consortium of Musical 

2016: National Museum of Montenegro, Montenegro                           Culture, Russian Federation

2015: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Slovenia                     2016: Novgorod State Museum, Russian Federation

2014: National Technical Museum, Czech Republic                     2015: Museum of Yugoslav history, Serbia

                                                                                                              2014: National Museum of Montenegro – Njegoš                                                                                                                                                                Museum – Biljarda, Montenegro


For the Storytelling                                                                         Honourable Mention 

2019: War Childhood Museum, Bosnia and Herzegovina         2019: Tsaritsyno – State Historical, Architectural, Art and Landscape 

2018: Lidice Memorial, Czech Republic                                                   Museum – Reserve, Russian Federation

2017: Wallachian Open Air Museum in Rožnov pod                  2017: Pushkin Museum Reserve, Mikhailovskoye, Russian

           Radhoštěm, Czech Republic                                                           Federation                                                        

2016: Museum of Alka of Sinj, Croatia                                           

2015: Maritime Museum of Montenegro, Montenegro                      

2014: Slovene Ethnographic Museum (SEM)        


The diploma for unusual interpretation                                  The diploma for creating a new museum                                               2016: Vucedol culture museum, Croatia                                        2015: Museum of Macedonian Struggle, Macedonia                                      

Main Živa Awards 2019 to State Museum of Political History from Russia and to Belarussian Brest Hero Fortress
The International foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures (FSC) bestowed the awards for the best Slavic museums in Bar in Montenegro in co-operation with the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and Cultural Center Bar. In addition to the main award, the winner was State Museum of Political History of Russia, the award for the best Slavic heritage site was bestowed for the second time. It went to the Brest Hero Fortress from Belarus.
Once again, more applications for the Živa Award
In December 2018, following the closure of the call for Živa Award 2019 – the Award for the Best Slavic Museum and the Best Slavic Heritage Site, it was time for the FSC to examine the applications.