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To our friends and colleagues in Zagreb
It is hard to imagine how you feel, when confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, you were shocked by the earthquake, the most powerful since 1880. Many artifacts, carefully and lovingly preserved for many generations to come, of cultural heritage were damaged and even destroyed.
The new Covid-19 coronavirus disease has severely affected the art and cultural sectors, and especially the heritage field. Cultural venues are closed, performances, festivals canceled, museum exhibitions are deserted ... Our mission is therefore very lively and present. Let's step together, let’s communicate and be responsive!
FSC receives 22 applications from 12 countries for Živa 2020
This autumn, the Forum of Slavic Cultures will confer the seventh Živa Award for the best Slavic museum and the third for the best Slavic heritage site. As many as 22 museums from 12 Slavic countries will be running for the awards this year.
Project Slavic Groves Gets Green Light
The Slavic Groves (Slovanski gaji) project and accompanying programmes bring opportunities for active participation of local communities, civil society, state institutions and the FSC. At the initial meeting of the partners in the project, the mayors and representatives of the Pomurje municipalities got to know the project and gave green light for its beginning.