Živa at the Autumn Gathering in Posavje Museum Brežice
At their autumn gathering with the locals and guests at the exhibition Four Elements: 3 – Earth in the Posavje Museum Brežice the Forum of Slavic Cultures nominated the Museum for the Živa Award for the best Slavic museum 2019.
Your Heritage Is Our Heritage
In the framework of the VIII International Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg the FSC presented Živa sculptures to the best Slavic Museum 2019 and the best Slavic heritage site. At a special round table the representatives of Russian and Slavic museums discussed the significance of Slavic heritage in the global context.
The Universe of Slavic Literature
One of the features of the Forum of Slavic Cultures programme in the Russian capital was Slavic literature, its authors and the exhibition 100 Slavic Novels, as well as the women writers' cultural route.
Coming soon
Call for Živa 2020 Is Open
The FSC is inviting applications for the Živa 2020 – Award for the Best Slavic Museum and Heritage Site call for proposals.
Slavic Garden at the Book Fair(y) in Istria
For the first time ever, the FSC presents the Slavic Garden programme that will take place at the Book Fair(y) in Istria based on the collaboration agreement between the two institutions. This year, the focus will be on Russian literature and authors: Yevgeny Vodolazkin, Guzel Yakhina and Sergei Lebedev.