FSK to move to Villa Zlatica in 2021
The FSK is to receive new premises after the comprehensive renovation of Hribar’s villa (Villa Zlatica). Along with its regular programme it will give access also to the museum presentation of the former mayor of Ljubljana and his life.
Bulgarian designer Bozhilov winner of the BigSEE award
Bulgarian designer Nikolay Bozhilov, author of the Spirit collection designed for the Forum of Slavic Cultures' Transformations project, is one of this year's winners of BigSEE fashion design awards. He received the national award for his exploration and interpretation of Bulgarian traditions in contemporary design.
The Route of European Women Writers of the Early Twentieth Century
The international conference dedicated to women writers’ cultural route aimed to shed light on the different aspects of the route that is being set up by the Forum of Slavic Cultures (FSK) and its partners. The conference was organised by All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature M. I. Rudomino, Institute of Translation and Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
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