Our Books Part of Donation for the Belgrade Field Hospital


Members of the Professional Publishers’ Association of Serbia donated more than 1,000 books to set up a library at the Covid-19 field hospital at the Belgrade Fair. Publishers have decided to be with their readers when they need them most.

Among the books donated to the hospital at the Belgrade Fair there are also a number of volumes from the Serbian edition of the 100 Slavic Novels, published by the Arhipelag publishing house. Arhipelag is a member and one of the founders of the Association of the Professional Publishers of Serbia. In addition to the Belgrade Fair, members of the Association will also donate books to temporary Covid-19 hospitals in other places in Serbia.

“The coronavirus pandemic has hit the entire world. We regret to follow the news of the number of the sick and of the number of those who died because of this monster. We are truly convinced that only responsible behaviour of each and every one of us can preserve the health of as many people as possible, cure the diseased ones and curb the pandemic. If the pandemic has transcended all boundaries and united people in fear and concern, we believe that also solidarity and solutions to the problems must be shared. The books cannot defend us, but it can mitigate the impact on humane living conditions,” emphasize the members of the Association of Professional Publishers of Serbia in their statement.