Ms Rihter spoke at the 10th meeting of Croatian museum pedagogues


Croatian museum educators met at their 10th conference, once again at the international level. The central topic this year was Boundaries and Visions, and Andreja Rihter, Director of the Forum of Slavic Cultures, gave a plenary lecture entitled Museums Bring Meaning to Our Lives.

The 10th jubilee meeting of Croatian educators drew together more than 70 participants from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, coming from more than 35 museums, galleries and universities. The meeting served as the opportunity to open the exhibition marking the 20th anniversary of the Section for Museum Education and Cultural Action of the Croatian Museum Association (CMA) and present the proceedings of the 9th conference of museum educators.

In the plenary lecture entitled Museums Bring Meaning to Our Lives Andreja Rihter stressed: “Museums facilitate the development of new ideas, creativity, interpretation, communication and good use of resources, and serve, through their activities, as meeting places for visitors”, adding that museums educate and inspire, enrich lives and create healthy communities.

The President of CMA, Ms Vlasta Krklec, emphasised the importance of such meetings and the role of museum educators in the wider social context.