Živa Award ceremony in Prague, 25 candidates for the award


More museums than ever before are running for this year’s Živa Award for the best Slavic museum – as many as 25 from 12 Slavic countries. The Forum of Slavic Cultures will confer the 5th Živa Award, this year for the first time with prize money, between 12 and 16 September in Prague, in cooperation with the National Technical Museum.


Having announced the call for the 2018 Živa Award last September, the Forum of Slavic Cultures received 25 applications, three from each Belarus and Poland, one from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovakia and Montenegro, two from Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and the Czech Republic and five from the Russian Federation.


Check out the list of museums running for the Živa Award 2018 HERE!


The prize this year is not only the title and sculpture of Živa, but also prize money in the amount of EUR 3,000. The award will be conferred in Prague (the Czech Republic) and will be hosted by the National Technical Museum between 12 and 16 September 2018. FSC Director, Ms Andreja Rihter, will visit the museum to agree on the details of the four-day programme.