Živa Award 2018 Judges Have Paid Visit to All 25 Museums


Between February and the end of April thirteen judges for the Živa Award visited all 25 museums, contestants for the Živa Award 2018. This is a rare and unique practice that enriches museums as well as judges. The pricelessness of a personal experience brings an additional aspect of expert evaluation, the focus of which is placed on exceptional and creative use of collections combined with innovative interpretative approach.

The judges have prepared reports on their visits which will be discussed at the yearly judges’ meeting. It will once again take place in Montenegro, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and the company Budvanska rivijera. At the meeting the best museums in different categories will be selected as well as the absolute winner which will, for the first time, receive also prize money in the amount of 3,000 euro. The award ceremony with the accompanying programme will take place in the National Technical Museum in Prague (Czech Republic).


Živa Award 2018 Judges on the Way