New Title in the 100 Slavic Novels Collection


The 100 Slavic Novels collection is one title richer. Ervin and the Fools by Dalibor Cvitan was translated by Bogdan Gradišnik as the first novel translated into Slovenian from the Croatian list.

Ervin and the Madmen is the sequel to Cvitan’s novel Polovnjak (A Half of a Man), and together they form a meaningful whole. The novel whirls around the opposition between the Normal and Mad. With brilliant twists in grotesque adventures of Mr Lakošta, who tends to find himself in tragically comical situations, the author skilfully unravels the boundaries of man's freedom and examines the consequences of one’s choices. At the same time he argues that a conscious choice of misery is the only way one can defy the ideal of happiness forced upon him.

100 Slavic Novels Collection