Judges for Živa Award 2019 Rolled Up Their Sleeves


This year marks the sixth edition of the competition for the Živa award for the best Slavic museum and heritage site. Once again, by the end of April thirteen judges from Slavic countries and European Museum Academy will have visited all 26 museums from 12 Slavic countries running for the award.

The Živa Award jury works in line with the adopted protocol and schedule. In pairs, the professionals from Slavic countries and the European Museum Academy visit all of the nominated museums in March and April. This year's candidates come from Belarus, Macedonia, Slovakia, Montenegro and the Czech Republic; two are from Serbia, Ukraine, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, three from Slovenia and Croatia, and as many as seven from the Russian Federation.

The judges will share their impressions and scores at their regular annual meeting at the beginning of May. The Živa Award ceremony will take place at the beginning of October in Montenegro.

Živa Award 2019