From the Imperial Crown to Contemporary Designs

Within the Transformations project the Slavic fashion designers were inspired by their cultural heritage.

Galina and Nikolay Biryukov called their collection the “Silver Ring of Russia”, after the Russian Federation’s new cross-regional initiative that connects cathedrals, churches, monasteries, palaces, gardens, fortresses and museums gravitating towards the northwest, where the magnificent St. Petersburg dominates over the River Neva and the Baltic Sea. The Biryukovs use a stylised imperial crown as the leading decorative element of their collection. The colour palette spanning gold and sky blue to purple and olive green shades deliberately references some of the painters of Russian symbolism.

The Silver Ring collection is a distillate – of the turbulent history, stunning architecture, breathtaking landscapes, art and religion, nostalgia and melancholy.


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Design Sketches

Fashion photos

Photo: Peter Giordani