FSC Back at the Fair in the Air
The Ljubljana, UNESCO City of Literature Office organised the second edition of Fair in the Air at Ljubljana’s Zvezda Park. The FSC participated once again with the translations of books published within the One Hundred Slavic Novels series and the monograph At the Table with the Slavs.
Online training for the Women Writers’ Route
As part of the preparations for the official certification of the new European cultural route – the Women Writers’ Route – the Forum of Slavic Cultures attended the online training organised by the European Institute of Cultural Routes.
Fair in the Air
The FSC took the 100 Slavic Novels collection and the monograph At the Table with the Slavs to the Fair in the Air, a book fair that took place in four Slovenian cities and was organised by Ljubljana, UNESCO City of Literature Office and partners during Slovenian Book Days.
FSC back at the Intermuseum Festival – this time online
For the third consecutive year, the Forum of Slavic Cultures joined the museum festival Intermuseum as a strategic partner. In the spirit of the new circumstances, this year’s edition took place online. Under the auspices of the FSC the Forum and its partners from different countries participated in several discussions.
Did you know? #3
Women Writers’ Route Did you know that Croatian children’s book writer Ivana Brlić Mažuranić (1874 – 1938) was the first woman to become a member of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts?
Judges for Živa Award 2020 Meet Online
Instead of meeting in Belgrade (Serbia) in person, our judges for Živa Award 2020 held their regular annual meeting online. They shared their experiences during the pandemic in their respective countries, reported on the responses of Živa Award candidates and adopted the decision to move the opening ceremony to autumn 2021.
A moment of your day #2
Sincere thank you for sharing the moments of your day with us. Because we want to stay connected, we share further insights from seven different Slavic and other countries.
Did you know?
Did you know that Polish writer and unique and independent fighter for equality of women Maria Konopnicka was very popular not only in Poland but also in other Slavic countries?
With Books around the Slavic World
We are happy to invite you, once again, to an exciting literary journey with our 100 Slavic Novels series. Here is the passage from Alexei Slapovsky’s First Second Coming. Come along!
Did you know?
Did you know that writer Jelena J. Dimitrijević was the first Serbian female globetrotter? Between 1926 and 1927, she embarked on her travel around the world all alone at the age of 65 and visited the Middle East, India, Ceylon, China, Japan, Hawaii, and once again the United States - she was in Hollywood and New York, as evidenced by a poem she wrote.
Reading in the Time of Corona
Even during the epidemic, our authors do not run out of inspiration, nor of sense of humor! We invite you to read the story by the Croatian writer Nada Gašić, who is also one of the authors of the 100 Slavic Novels series, entitled Just a Small, Small Peck.
A moment of your day!
A sincere thank you to all who have already filled out our questionnaire and shared with us the moments of your day. Because we want to stay together, we share further insights from four Slavic countries.
Zagreb Cathedral Reconstruction already in Progress
The new coronavirus pandemic has not spared any country in Europe. Covid-19 is spreading also in Croatia. But the disaster that occurred on March 22 brought another catastrophe - a 5.5 magnitude earthquake.
With Books around the Slavic World
At home without proper reading? Let us take you to the exciting literary journey with our 100 Slavic Novels series. Here is the first passage - Venko Andonovski’s Azbuka for the Insubordinate. Come along!
Our Books Part of Donation for the Belgrade Field Hospital
Members of the Professional Publishers’ Association of Serbia donated more than 1,000 books to set up a library at the Covid-19 field hospital at the Belgrade Fair. Publishers have decided to be with their readers when they need them most.
Stay Home – Stay Together Survey
Dear colleagues, We stay with you even when we are at home. In a slightly different everyday life, we want to stay close and to show to each other with photos, sound and live pictures how our everyday life is organized and how we view the future. Take a few minutes, answer the questions and share the moments of your day with us!
Taste the Slavic delicacies
Food has always been an integral part of our lives, culture and heritage. It is with us every day of the week and on every special occasion.
Let’s meet online!
To stay in touch with you and your audience, we invite you to share with us your contents (virtual, visual ...) and links to them. Together we are stronger and more accessible!
To our friends and colleagues in Zagreb
It is hard to imagine how you feel, when confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, you were shocked by the earthquake, the most powerful since 1880. Many artifacts, carefully and lovingly preserved for many generations to come, of cultural heritage were damaged and even destroyed.
The new Covid-19 coronavirus disease has severely affected the art and cultural sectors, and especially the heritage field. Cultural venues are closed, performances, festivals canceled, museum exhibitions are deserted ... Our mission is therefore very lively and present. Let's step together, let’s communicate and be responsive!
Project Slavic Groves Gets Green Light
The Slavic Groves (Slovanski gaji) project and accompanying programmes bring opportunities for active participation of local communities, civil society, state institutions and the FSC. At the initial meeting of the partners in the project, the mayors and representatives of the Pomurje municipalities got to know the project and gave green light for its beginning.
A Step Forward at the Women Writers Route
The FSC began the year with intensive preparations for the launch of a new cultural route – Women Writers Route. The President of the Programme Council of the Route, Ankica Puškarić, came to the FSC headquarters for a working meeting.