100 Slavic Novels Exhibition Opening

27 February 2018

Historical Atrium in Town Hall Ljubljana / Ljubljana / Slovenia

The 100 Slavic Novels series, published under the auspices of the Forum of Slavic Cultures, is an international literary programme promoting contemporary Slavic literature written after the fall of the Berlin Wall. With a well thought-out selection of the twelve best novels from the participating countries – Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia – it fills a literary gap in modern Slavic literature and breathes new life into the Slavic literary world. The collection features 108 contemporary Slavic authors and has so far brought out more than 60 titles.

The Forum of Slavic Cultures and its partners do not take care only of the uninterrupted publishing of the novels but also for the establishment of closer ties among authors, translators as well as general and professional public. To that effect they have prepared the 100 Slavic Novels exhibition displaying, in pictures and words, the selection of the best and most representative contemporary Slavic novelists. The exhibition was inaugurated at the Unesco Palace in Paris.

Exhibition will be open on Tuesday, 27th of February 2018 at 6 pm and will last until 22nd of March 2018. Two public events will be organized in addition:

Wednesday, 7 March, 18.00

The Slovenian Parnassus. Where are the Women?

Roundtable discussion

Tuesday, 20 March, 18.00

The Power of Literature, the Power of Understanding

100 Slavic Novels collection

Discussion with the 100 Slavic Novels writers