Živa Award Jury


The Živa Award Jury consist of twelve experts from the Slavic countries and from the European Museum Academy.

The Jury visits all participating and nominated museums in situ, which is a rare and unique practice that enriches both, the museums and the Živa judges. The pricelessness of individual experiences is added to their professional evaluations at which they are looking for the outstanding and creative use of collections, combined with an innovative interpretative approach.


Judges from EMA


Rene Capovin / Italy                      Elia Vlachou / Greece                        Massimo Negri / Italy


Judges from Slavic Countries


Sarita Vujković / Bosnia and Herzegovina    Pavel Douša / Czech Republic   Nina Zdravič Polič / Slovenia


Katya Djoumalieva / Bulgaria       Branko Svetozarevikj / Macedonia    Lidija Nikočević / Croatia


Irina Duksina / Russian Federation   Neda Knežević / Serbia                  Biljana Pajković / Montenegro


dr. Andreja Rihter / Slovenija      Gordan Nikolov / Makedonija  

Jury Photo Impressions