In Cooperation with the Museums of Croatian Zagorje, the FSC launched the Craftattract – a project of traditional crafts, which develops a long-term coordinated pattern of registering intangible heritage and its potential in the cultural tourism.

Besides creating a huge database, the project attempts to define standards for exhibitions, organize round table discussions, and present the traditional crafts.


The main objective of the project is to create a synergy between traditional crafts, skills and intangible heritage on the one side, and the tourism sector on the other side, thus establishing new attractions in the cross-border area.
CRAFTATTRACT was devised with the aim of creating an adequate platform offering new content to cultural tourism in the Slovenia – Croatia cross-border area.

Besides connecting the bearers of traditional knowledge with the young participants via workshops, the project directly creates opportunities for them to use their skills through cultural tourism programmes. The implementation of the CRAFTATTRACT project implicitly includes the establishment of a Centre for Traditional Crafts and Skills which will make available an overall database of all the participants.

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