Ballads and Romances of Pomurje

Novi Sad saw a manifestation of Murska Sobota Days which took place between September 27 and September 30, 2012.

The event was the result of partnership of the Slovene Council of Forum of Slavic Cultures, Pomurje Academic Club Murska Sobota and the European Capital of Culture. Cultural events were realised within the framework of already traditional collaboration between European capital of culture Murska Sobota and municipality Novi Sad in the area of tourism and economy.

The programme consisted of art music, ethno music, jazz and reading of literature. It featured a percussion soloist Aleksanda Šuklar, group Murska banda with Tjaša Šimonka, Klavdija Vrečič, Blaž Zanjkovič and Ivan Fleinsinger on vocals and band DŽEZZVA.