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100 Slavic Novels

100 Slavic Novels collection is an international literary programme of promotion of contemporary Slavic literature written after the fall of the Berlin wall. 

It represents a highly successful example of literary exchange among the Slavic cultures, establishing close ties among the Slavic writers, translators and readers. With a well thought-out selection of ten novels, published after 1989, from each of the member countries that participate in the programme, it fills a literary gap of modern Slavic literature.

It brings a Slavic literary refreshment and very heterogeneous literary creations, from a self-ironizing confession to folklore tradition to serious historical topics and psychological crime stories. The 100 Slavic Novels collection generates a special interest in the readers that have been in some way influenced by the transitional period of the Slavic world.

An expert body of each participating Slavic country evaluated the artistic quality and chose its ten best and most representative authors of contemporary Slavic novel. The chosen novels are continuously translated into languages of and published by all the other participating countries. The collection takes pride in not only top modern Slavic authors, but also in great translations and beautiful print.

At the moment an active part in the programme is taken by the Slovenians, Serbs, Russian, Slovaks and Macedonians. An interest in the collection was also shown by the publishers from the West, as the Slavic literature is usually rather poorly represented in the western countries.

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