The Živa Award



The Živa Award has been established in 2012 on the initiative of an expert project group from the Forum of Slavic Culture member countries. Slavic goddess Živa (also Żiwia, Siva, Sieba or Razivia) represents a principle of life, longevity, youthfulness, beauty, mildness, vitality and fertility. These are the attributes that should describe also condition of Slavic heritage.

The role of museums in contemporary societies seems to be increasingly complex and multifaceted.  Going beyond the traditional skills in documenting, preserving and making accessible to the public their collections (which nevertheless remain in the DNA of every kind of museum) modern museums have to play a more and more proactive role in terms of social responsibility namely as far as  the impact of the museum on the local, regional and international scene is concerned. This has to do with an efficient educational policy, with the museum’s role as a meeting place for the community, creating a general atmosphere favourable to openness, discussions and exchanges of ideas. In short, a strong attention to the visitors and to the museum’s users.  But it also means to be able to contribute to the development of museological ideas and / or practices adequate to the goals identified by each museum’s mission.

Additionally, in the present financial climate at the European level a positive sense for leadership and a good use of resources available are essential points for any sustainable strategy of development of the above depicted museums qualities .

The Živa Award aims at

  • identyfing,
  • encouraging,
  • rewarding  and
  • promoting

experiments, projects, practices in the museum sector within the specific cultural and geographical framework of the European countries of Slavic culture recognizing the peculiarities and specific values of the Slavic world with its story, its traditions, its heritage, its common and sometimes contradictory roots as well as  its problems.

Applications are welcomed from all types of museums: scientific, technical, industrial museums or science centers, also historical, ethnographical, architecture or natural history museums, established long ago or recently opened on the local, regional, or state levels.


It is an Award which at the same time collect interesting experiences and make possible to share them at the transnational level. It encourages competition in order to increase the number of museums which can do better more than simply to be the best ones and it is based on the idea that knowledge and sharing of experiences is essential for determining a more influential role of museums in our societies.

The key elements for our assessments process are the following:

-       social responsibility,

-       creativity,

-       interpretation,

-       communication,

-       good use of resources,

-       education,

-       conservation and research ,

-       sustainability in the future.

In a market context where culture, economy, leisure, entertainment, tourism  and education meet each other and frequently mix  together  or even overlap, a clear museological concept, a good deal of  innovative and creative elements (tangible and not),  a strong storyline as well as an effective approach in terms of  interpretation and presentation of the collections together with a good balance between traditional and digital means of communication are all essential elements of a new kind of museums qualities which are emerging and year after year producing new experience and visions.


Candidates are allowed to send the application at least every 3 years.


will be composed of experts from the European Museum Academy experts and from the Forum of Slavic Cultures member countries.


A complete entry dossier should include:

  1. Signed cover letter in pdf file;
  2. Signed letter of consent and declaration of entrant in pdf file;
  3. Filled and signed entry form;
  4. Separate folder Images with up to 20 digital images, 300 dpi in JPEG format, with one exterior, general views of the exhibitions and pictures which illustrate your strong candidature for the award and short video in HD (max. 5 minutes long). Pictures and video must be free of copyright and accompanied by an authorization, which enables FSC and EMA to use them for non-commercial purposes in its printed materials, on the Internet as well as in training programs;
  1. Separate folder Other with scanned copies of a brochure, leaflet or other publicity material you wish to include (please do not send paper copies!).


The deadline for the submission is 1st of December, 2015.


Completed forms and supplementary material should be sent on the following email address:



The entry form can be submitted in English or in national language, but the short presentation of the institution (max. 1000 characters with spaces) and it’s full name should be written down also in English.


The Forum of Slavic Cultures is a non-profit and non-government organization that was founded in 2004 on the initiative of the Slavic cultural circles. The basic aim of the organization is to connect Slavic cultural milieu and actualize it in the modern global social context. The Forum of Slavic Cultures links and presents Slavic culture, science and arts, their creative charge and heritage, while it also actively cares for a recognizable contribution of Slavic cultures to global dialogue.


EMA is a non-profit Foundation established to reflect museums at the international level, to promote research on museography and museology as a high cultural activity, to provide constructive criticism and promote discussion on new exhibitions and museums, and to diffuse museological knowledge and ideas among members of the profession. It aims to promote the conception and development of new as well as of traditional museums as tools of social change.

More information

For more information please contact Ms. Tina Huremovič, on or telephone number (+) 386 (0) 41 377 676.

Mandatory documents

Živa Award 2016 – Entry form

Živa Award 2016 – Letter of consent

Živa Award 2016 – Declaration of entrant

Živa Award 2016 – Copyright Authorisation



Mandatory documents

Ziva 2015 Entry Form

Copyright Authorization 2015

Ziva Letter of consent 2015

Ziva Declaration of entrant 2015