About us

The Forum of Slavic Cultures is a non-profit and non-government organization that was founded in 2004 on the initiative of the Slavic cultural circles.

The founding member states were Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, and Serbia and Montenegro. Soon they were joined by Belarus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine, so that today the Forum unites thirteen Slavic countries and 300 millions of Slavs.

The main objective of the institution is to encourage throughput of information, implementation of common cultural, educative and research projects and mobility of artists and cultural workers of all the countries, whose populations speak Slavic languages. It accomplishes this through receiving and financing initiatives for cultural projects, exchanges and hosting from all the Slavic-speaking states, and also by searching for adequate partners in all these countries. At the same time, it organizes festivals, exhibitions and other events that represent Slavic cultural creativity.

Through diverse projects it stimulates common researches in culture and arts, through translation projects it establishes and strengthens collaboration in linguistics and Slavic studies, while its grants projects vitalize education programmes. So far the institution has focused primarily on literature, linguistics, translation, ethnography, museology, folklore and archival studies, education, theatre and music.

The ultimate goal of the FSC Foundation is not only a quality support for Slavic collaboration, but primarily a change of social conditions that will enable an open and fruitful creativity of Slavic cultures.