Strategic goals

The International Foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures plans its activities in accordance with the following strategic goals:

  • to provide a stable system of financial support for linking Slavic cultures, either directly or through partnerships that refer to the mobility of creativity, persons and ideas, as well as the programme, project and residential support,
  • to define professional and clear criteria for co-financing mobility projects and cultural collaboration,
  • to develop a highly qualified and motivated labour force that will actively carry out the mission of the organization,
  • to become a highly recognizable and esteemed non-profit organization that will attract a considerable number of artists and authors on the voluntary level, as well as greater cooperation and contributions for its own functioning and financing,
  • to offer greater support for its partakers, their greater presence and activity in collaboration among Slavic cultures and a wider mobilization of resources.

The ultimate goal of the Forum of Slavic Cultures is not only high quality support for Slavic cooperation, but rather improvements of social conditions for open and fruitful creativity of Slavic cultures.