Mission and Vision

Mission of the Forum of Slavic Cultures

Nerving creativity of Slavic cultures. The basic aim of the organization is to connect Slavic cultural milieu and actualize it in the modern global social context. The Forum of Slavic Cultures links and presents Slavic culture, science and arts, their creative charge and heritage, while it also actively cares for a recognizable contribution of Slavic cultures to global dialogue.


The Forum of Slavic Cultures wants to become a referential global platform of intercultural dialogue among Slavic cultures and a hub for Slavic arts and sciences. In strong partnership with international organizations, national initiatives and economy, it will present, support and develop innovativeness and creativity of Slavic cultural areas. It will invigorate common cultural projects, mobility of artists and professionals, and it will also boost data circulation in culture, science and arts. It is going to become a strong partner and a key collocutor in the global debate on culture as a means of development.