Call for proposals for Živa Award 2018 is here!

The Forum of Slavic Cultures has announced the call for proposals for Živa Award 2018. The FSC will be accepting…

The Živa Award 2017

Award for the Best Slavic Museum

At the Table with the Slavs

The first join presentation of Slavic cuisines in the world

100 Slavic Novels

International promotional program of contemporary Slavic novel.

Slavic Artist in Residence

A programme of grants and residences.

The Best of Slavic Heritage

Improving cooperation among the participating countries.

Heritage of Socialism 2013

Belgrade, 27 – 28 November 2013

Dissonant Heritage of the XX. Century

The seminar aims at fostering the regional offer of cultural tourism and promoting responsible relationship with the dissonant heritage of the 20th Century in Adriatic and Ionian Regions.

Educative Museology Seminars

Seminars of contemporary museum theory and practice.

Heritage of socialism

The conference is a connecting element among Slavic countries.