FSC Arouses Interest also in the South of the Russian Federation

At the occasion of the working visit of the Živa Award judges in Astrakhan in the south of the Russian Federation, the delegation of the Forum of Slavic Cultures met with the leadership of the Astrakhan Ministry of Culture and Tourism as well as with the representatives of cultural and educational institutions.

Director of the FSC Andreja Rihter, PhD, presented the principal projects and pointed out the mission of the International Foundation, i.e. nerving the creativity of Slavic cultures and establishment of intercultural dialogue through various projects. Directors and other representatives of Astrakhan cultural institutions were particularly interested how they could get involved into existing and potential new projects. They expressed a lot of interest for literature and publishing, theatre, festivals, cultural heritage preservation and museology. This was also one of the reasons for the open-air museum the House of the Merchant Tetushinov, a part of the The P.M.Dogadin Astrakhan State Art Gallery, to run for the Živa Award 2017.

The FSC delegation visited a number of museums and was a guest of honour at the inauguration of the Book Night in the Astrakhan State Library which has a collection of more than 2.5 million of books. In the future the collection will be richer for the books from the 100 Slavic Novels series.