15th Regular Session of the FSC Board and the Exhibition At the Table with the Slavs in Sarajevo

Adil Osmanović, Minister of the Civil Affairs of the Bosnia and Herzegovina and a B&H member of the FSC Board hosted the 15th regular session of the FSC Board. The members of the Board discussed the FSC Work Programme for 2017 with special emphasis on activities in individual FSC member countries. The Strategic Plan of the Foundation for the period 2017-2021 was adopted. The key comparative advantage of the Foundation as defined in this document is the promotion of intercultural dialogue among Slavic cultures – as well as with third countries – that promotes better mutual knowledge, understanding and respect. That is why the main opportunities of the Forum lie in its positioning as a key actor of the Slavic dialogue with the world, in the promotion of the Slavic perspective through common cultural events and European projects, as well as in intercultural dialogue and in-depth networking. More systematic efforts and funding need to be invested into popularization of the Foundation’s activities and more thought should be given to the improvement of current activities as well as to the shift of focus from closed professional discussions and contents towards the promotion of projects for wider public. To that end, media planning – including the internet and social networks – is necessary.

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The two-day programme included the inauguration of the exhibition “At the Table with the Slavs” in the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the centre of Sarajevo.